Dr. Villie Morocho

Universidad de Cuenca

Conference theme:

Telemedicine in the context of Smart Cities


In the context of smart cities, it is necessary to identify technological advances. Applied medicine needs to take advantage of technological advantages, which due to the COVID19 pandemic accelerated such use. However, telemedicine must be understood as a differentiating element of the change in patient care and the search for good living.

Speaker biography:

Great experience in the generation and management of technological projects. In work areas such as Spatial Data Infrastructure, Telemedicine, Territorial Modeling. He has founded the Center for Research, Development, and Innovation of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Cuenca. Also, he has planned ecosystems of technological innovation, he has participated in the creation of various research groups and laboratories: IDE Group (Geoinformation), Virtual City and Territory Laboratory (Territorial Modeling), IMAGINE (Management Models for Industry); Telemedicine, and Digital Health Laboratory. He is an expert in the use of drones (UAV). He is an undergraduate professor at the Faculties of Engineering, Agronomy, and Medicine. Professor for postgraduate in Engineering.


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