Dra. Mary Sánchez-Gordón

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Østfold University College

Conference theme:

Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering


Software is eating the world. We depend on it not only for industrial automation but also in our daily lives and to address some of society's most cherished challenges in education, human health, economic development, and environmental sustainability. But one of the great challenges of software development lies precisely in the people who do it. The knowledge and skills they possess are important, but so are their personality, emotions, and their own culture. This talk will address such social and human aspects, focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Speaker biography:

Mary Sánchez-Gordón is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Østfold University College, Norway. She previously worked at the Central University of Ecuador. Her research interests include applied research in information systems, software project management, software service and process improvement, and human factors in software engineering and information systems. She obtained the degree of Doctor (2017) and Master (2013) in Computer Science and Technology from the Carlos III University of Madrid. She also obtained her Master's Degree in University Teaching in Engineering Sciences (2007) at the Central University of Ecuador, where she also received the title of Computer Science Engineer (1998). She has held positions as a Programmer, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Consultant in various companies. In addition, he has published several research papers at conferences (ICSE, CHASE, ESEM, EuroSPI) and high-impact journals (IST, SQJ, CSI, and JUCS), both nationally and internationally. She is actively serving in the software engineering community as a reviewer of scientific articles in journals and as a member of the scientific committee of several international congresses.


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