Dr. Júlio Anjos

University of Ceará

Conference theme:

Big Data, Entropy, and what else?


We live in an information society where we receive much data at all moments. However, this plethora of data overkills our mind and govern our habits without notice. Big Data and its technologies were created to get more free time. However, we must select the better data with more relevant information. The focus is to achieve data-centric applications and refine the seeks for information in artificial intelligence algorithms. This talk will share recent research about intelligent autonomous systems and their human-machine relationship.

Speaker biography:

Professor at the Federal University of Ceará in the Graduate Program in Teleinformatics Engineering. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS/RS) in 2017, with an internship in École Normale Supérieure de Lyon/France between 2014/2015. A Post-doc in Computer Science in 2021 at UFRGS and 2021-2022 at UNICAMP. His research interests include: Big Data, Streaming processing, Distributed and Heterogeneous Systems, Hybrid infrastructures, Collaborative Learning, Intelligent Autonomous Systems, and Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning and Deep Learning.


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