Dr. Sergio Luján Mora

Professor of the Department of Software and Computing Systems at the University of Alicante

Conference theme:

Comparative analysis of the state of web accessibility of public administration websites in Ecuador and Spain


Although most countries recognize the right of persons with disabilities to information and social participation by ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the reality is that much remains to be done to achieve a inclusive society at all levels. In Article 21 - Freedom of expression and opinion and access to information, it is stated that governments should encourage “private entities that provide services to the general public, including through the Internet, to provide information and services in formats that persons with disabilities can use and to which they have access. Unfortunately, too many websites are still published that do not meet international web accessibility standards and are designed with little regard for the needs of people with disabilities.

Ecuador and Spain are two countries that have laws that oblige public administrations to guarantee the accessibility of their websites for years. Public administrations must be the first to set an example in the creation of accessible websites. However, the reality is that public administrations do not always comply with the laws and regulations that they themselves create.

In this conference, the laws and regulations on web accessibility that exist in Ecuador and Spain will be explained and an analysis of the degree of compliance with web accessibility by public administrations in both countries will be shown.


Speaker biography:

Sergio Luján-Mora is Associate Professor of the Department of Software and Computing Systems at the University of Alicante in Spain. He has published several research papers at various conferences (ER, UML, DOLAP) and high-impact journals (DKE, JCS, JDBM, JIS, JUCS and UAIS), both nationally and internationally. He has also published several books related to programming, web development, data structure programming and C++ language. His main research topics include web applications, web development, web accessibility and usability, e-learning, MOOCs, and Open Educational Resources.


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